Welcome wiki page for new joiners


Some content of this page might been subject to imminent changes related to:


This document exists to assist people to get up and running as fast as possible when starting with the project. As onboarding a project tends to happen only once, it is imperative that you let someone know of anything incorrect and out of date during your onboarding process.

Main door for project

A good way to get started is to look at the project documentation and try to improve it,
by submitting issues and/or share patches to git lab:

Setup checklist


Day to day communication is via the Mattermost instance at https://chat.ostc-eu.org/ostc. You will need to set up 2FA. I found that process fairly straight forward. Set up Authy on your phone (F-droid’s OTP) , etc.

You aren’t automatically subscribed to all channels right away and I found the Mattermost UI a bit confusing as to finding additional channels to join. It’s wasn’t entirely clear how to find them unless you know the name. The + button on the right of the Find channel textbox will allow you to browse all the channels.

Please use thread (you need to press reply arrow) to answer someone then we know messages are belonging to an existing context which can be read again later.

Collapsible threading is not turned on by default and without it, especially busy channels can be overwhelming. You can (and should) turn it on via:

Account Settings → Display → Collapsed Reply Threads (Beta)

There is a help channel that people monitor if you run into issues during onboarding.


We’re sharing our daily activities in this channel:

TODO: Who is responsible for adding people to locked channels, etc

See [Getting started with OSTC Mattermost](Getting stated with OSTC Mattermost)

Joiners are welcome to also use this community chat too:


You will need to sign up for the OSTC Gitlab instance. Once you have that, you’ll need to get access rights to do some of the basic things like edit wikis etc. I’m still working my way through this, trying to figure out which repos I should/need access to.

For access requests go to IT channel:

See Getting started with OSTC Gitlab


Meet Team during meetings:

Absences are also tracked at:

Some invitations may also show up in your google account:

Project Management

Project management is done using OpenProject (may be redundant with gitlab):

Weekly updates:

Marketing services:

Developer Resources

Yocto Project Specific



  • ASOS - AllScenarios OS
  • ACTS - Automated Compliance Test Suite?
  • LAVA - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture
  • OHOS - OpenHarmony OS (refer to serveral projects)
  • MM - Mattermost
  • WRC - Warsaw Research Centre



@pidge, @rzr, @zyga (feel free to add your nickname then we know it has been “tested/validated”)