Papers proposal + roadmaping

We’ve been working with @chiaradf for some time on papers proposals that we could prepare (as OSTC). The initial proposals are here. Please feel free to add your proposals and sign in for any paper you find interesting and adjacent to your interests or current work.
I hope that you will find it exciting to participate into this content creation. I’m pretty sure everybody in OSTC has something interesting to write about. That could be a blog post, an article or even a report / whitepaper if suitable.

Thus, I propose as follows:

  1. to focus on topics & proposals to be explored first (deadline 25th of Jun)
  2. to agree on papers format and scope (deadline 9th of Jul)
  3. to agree on deadlines and submissions (a week later, 16th of Jul)

Please let me know if you have any comments or remarks on above.

@SebS actually that wasn’t a finalized proposal… I think a review was needed before disclosing it and most of all we would need a full content providing calendar and not just a single view (the one I worked with Adam to have a shared view in open project).

@Chiara_Del_Fabbro As I mentioned, these are just proposals, not the final list (the list is still open I think). I hope that more proposals to come from all members. Then, we can brainstom how to adjust, what to change to make the best use of it. Then, to put into a calendar e.g. in OpenProject.