New home for Oniro Project blueprints

The Oniro Project blueprints structure and home were changed. In short, the blueprints Yocto/OE layer was moved from within the oniro repository to its own repository: distro / meta-oniro-blueprints · GitLab. This means:

  1. Blueprints documentation is now separate from Oniro Project as the blueprints will have a different lifecycle to the main project. Even so, links are provided from the main documentation ( to blueprints documentation (and the other way around) for ease of use.
  2. The new project is fully reuse compliant and that is now checked and required by the CI.
  3. The blueprint jobs were moved to the new repository.
  4. This restructure has a rather minor (but important) impact on setting up the workspace for blueprint builds - see the documentation for details. In short, before building a blueprint you will need to clone this new repository and add it to your build.

Long story short, will be your guide for the blueprints changes we’ve done. The new repository is distro / meta-oniro-blueprints · GitLab