Jasmine blueprints time framing


This a proposal for Jasmine blueprints delivery schedule and how it fits in a wider context (time framing, major tasks needed to accomplish, validation, sprints, milestones, confs etc). Let’s use this thread only to talk about those major BP-related tasks, blockers, so we’re all in sync.

Ps, due to various reasons, PostProduction task will probably be done by external agency this time.

Please review and shout here if anything is at risk, missing, unclear etc.

Hey, updated diagram attached. What changed:

  1. scripts preparation extended for 2days
  2. added 2 cycles of: reviews + video takings
  3. more milestones
  4. current day marker

General idea behind 2nd cycle was that we’ll try to add as much content as possible to the first cycle and have this recorder. Then after review & feedback (marketing etc), we’ll try to address them and improve with 2nd round. Hope that it’s clear.

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Do we need any hardware for shooting the actual videos? Are we going to use our personal phones for that?

I think so, that’s why we have 1st cycle to find it out, what’s missing, how it goes & looks like. Andrei for the 1st BP used his own phone for recording and result was very good. Let’s start with that. Also, @Chiara_Del_Fabbro is going to provide some video shooting guidelines for authors.