Is forum a good replacement for chat?

I was thinking if this is a good replacement for chat, that is more inclusive as it can be indexed externally, and that is equally responsive to as mattermost is.

Question to @agherzan

Not a question to me, but I’ll say I like forum for certains things like:

  • Writing a proposal and inviting comment
  • Wanting the content indexed for future users
  • Fairly static content like FAQ, README, Start Here kind of documents.

It isn’t great for an ongoing conversation where things evolve and I don’t want to have to find the key discussion point on page 57 of a topic (I shudder at XDA threads)

Chat for quick pow-wows that don’t need to be stored for posterity.

Yeah, that’s all good. The forum is great for that too.

I was trying to tell Andrei, that I think the forum is a great chat replacement as well.

How is a long mattermost thread different to a long forum thread?

Human perception and more importantly the interface. So much wasted whitespace in a forum post

Indeed, that’s objectively true. It’s a bit more spacier than mattermost is. Note that the default mattermost theme and settings are almost equally spacious. Perhaps there’s a similar toggle in discourse?

Might be worth a look. Also, notifications.

I get notifications here, don’t you? I’m using just the simple browser. No fancy client involved.

I just re-enabled them. I turn off all browser notifications by default.

Ah, that makes sense. Most of those are spam.

Just look at this discussion. I have to scroll two pages for such a tiny discussion. Fixing the interface (theme?) would allow a better shot at using this.

The next issue is following multiple threads. I’d probably end up with 10-20 tabs in my browser

Following multiple threads is equally hard in mattermost. Thew new UI is hopeless as I had 100s of “threads” that were not really (because many people keep breaking threads).

Here I would follow at most 3-5 threads at a time. Long lived threads.

Mattermost threads only show up when you reply to them. Not otherwise.

Yes but they don’t go away unless you out out. Given that a mattermost thread is “lightweight” I had endless number of “threads” that I was not really interested in following.

Maybe slack implementation is better. I never used slack threads for “production”.

@agherzan do you have notifications?

I follow a couple of slack commmunities and thread performance is near instantaneous regardless of thread size.

And they also collapse the thread view so you only see the first few and the last few comments for context.

Yeah, I mean slack is definitely better technically. It’s just a bit $$$ and a bit less open than mattemost.

Is discord better for those two points? I haven’t really checked…

Well, it’s at least on par with mattermost. It’s not closed-source and it’s free as in beer.

@agherzan now that you’ve told me you have notifications enabled. Did you see this without having to focus your browser?