Graphic stack and toolkit first meeting minutes

Meeting on 2021-08-30:
Attendees: Amit, Esben, Phil, Nagesh, Sudhesh, Robert, Zyga, Stefan

  • Zephyr stack is easy as there are not many options to choose from. It will be lvgl for now.
  • On the Linux side we will use the standard DRM/KMS parts of the kernel with wayland on top
  • Our focus in hw enablement will be open-source GPU drivers
  • When a partner wants to enable a closed source GPU driver its up to them to do so
  • The graphic stack used on OpenHarmony / HarmonyOS is not fully understood on our side.
  • JS is used in some parts of the application framework with JerryScript on L0/L1 and QuickJS on L2+
  • Qt as a toolkit was discussed, but nobody was clear on what impact the latest license changes have and how healthy the community still is. If we wanted to use it at some point these two points need to be checked upfront
  • GTK+ and EFL have been briefly touched upon. GTK is not seen as the best option for embedded, especially for our low end targets. EFL is better suited for embedded but lacks in terms of overall ecosystem compared to say Qt.
  • Lvgl has recently merged a backend for SDL which might be an option to have the same toolkit on Zephyr as well as Linux.
  • Right now we do not need to make a decision for the final toolkit. This needs more investigation on partner and HQ use cases as well.

Action Items:

  • Phil is going to get lvgl tested out on Zephyr
  • Phil is going to look into getting lvgl with the new SDL backend working on Linux
  • Sudhesh will keep looking into the demos from OpenHarmony and pay extra attention to the different components involved in the UI stack. He will also take notes on this to allow others to digest this easier.

Thanks @Stefan_Schmidt.

One more thing we agreed to is that the graphic toolkit will not be supported as part of Jasmine LTS. That decision will be taken after talking to partners and understanding their usecases.

The current work is just investigating some possibilities and enabling work on blueprint UIs. IOW, we reserve the right to revisit the choice of toolkit. We’ll mark this work experimental to enable blueprints.

Thx @Stefan_Schmidt

Let me crosslink to:

Meanwhile upstream expressed some interest into what we’re trying to do with lvgl :slight_smile:

Update: Framebuffer support on linux (ubuntu) :

SDL2 support on linux (ubuntu)

SDL2 support on ASOS (rpi3)

My plan is to re-implement whiptail on lgwl and ship this as example:

I like the MoM. Thanks @Stefan_Schmidt .

Hi some updates,

I have shared a basic application that can be used on any Linux:

If you need more features for prototyping please file issues at: