Getting started with OSTC OpenProject

The way OSTC manages its projects relies on a combination of GitLab and OpenProject - working together to provide a structure to the strategy and high-level goals.

Representatives of the organizations participating in the development of All Scenarios OS describe high-level technical goals as requirements in a specific area of our OpenProject installation.

Those requirements are discussed, analyzed and de-composed to more specific plans represented as GitLab issues.

Creating an account

OpenProject uses a separate account system. Go to OpenProject and register yourself. Following that, join the Mattermost channel on Mattermost and request access to a specific place. One of the administrators will handle that for you.

Note that only the representatives of OSTC and its partners are expected to use this system and participate in the high-level discussions.

Finding your way around

Most of the interesting content is found in this area of OpenProject: Work Packages | Open Source Technology Center EU | OpenProject Every work item represents a single requirement.

Requirements in GitLab and OpenProject

As a requirement progresses through the review and acceptance process it will reach a stage where it also exists as an issue in GitLab requirements repository: Issues · OSTC / Requirements · GitLab GitLab contains day-to-day processes and can be used to track development of a specific feature or element. OpenProject contains a high-level view of all the requirements and their state.

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