Getting started with OSTC Mattermost

For day to day communications, poking people for code reviews, chatting and socializing we are using Mattermost, which is integrated with our GitLab installation.

Creating an account

Mattermost is using GitLab to authenticate so please register on our instance first. This is described at Getting started with OSTC GitLab

Having your GitLab account ready, just head to and sign-in. Mattermost will take you through a quick tutorial to explain the basics. If you are familiar with systems like Slack, this software is very similar.

Using desktop and mobile clients

If staying in touch with OSTC developers is important, you can install one of the desktop and mobile applications to receive real-time notifications about mentions. You can find official Mattermost apps at Download the latest version of the Mattermost Server

Introduce yourself

Mattermost will automatically place you in the town square channel. Introduce yourself and share your interests and reason of participation with others.

Find more channels

You can find more channels to join by exploring the user interface as described here: Welcome to Mattermost! — Mattermost 5.34 documentation