Architecture Office Hours

I’d like to announce architecture office hours, where proposals which influence architecture of the software we are building can be discussed or changed.

I would like office hours to be held weekly, each Monday at 11AM CET, with a 15 minute slot allocation each time. You are invited to present and argue for your case in whatever format you’d like but it should be joined with a forum post that captures the essence of the proposal for everyone to see.

The proposal will be followed by a vote by all the architects, results of which will be captured on the forum thread with the proposal.

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Good idea. Not sure if we have enough concerns to make use of it every week, so maybe it’ll end up being something along the lines of “the meeting is held within a week whenever there is a forum post calling for it” rather than weekly, but it’s certainly a good idea even if some details need to be changed.

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Maybe mention the day of the week :slight_smile: It’s supposed to be on Monday if I got this correctly.

Oh my, I was sure I did. I’ll edit the original post to make it clear it’s Monday :slight_smile: