Android runtime (RFC)

Let me open this thread to collect sensing infos about android runtime that could run on top of allsceneriOS linux flavour (zephyr would be interesting but this is an other story since “AndroidThings” is gone).

One advantage to have an such runtime is to support some exiting apps or at least propose something to android app developers…

Sideloading an alternative OS could also be a good topic to explore for this kind of usecases.

For example WayDroid renders the graphical buffer in LXC with direct Wayland support

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WayDroid looks interesting… Other possible options include Anbox and Shashlik

yes WayDroid is Anbox based , they just added a wayland driver for surfaceflinger or something similar my knowledge are limited regarding android platform, note this can cause security issue too.

I didn’t know about shashlik:

but is it still maintained ? it looks it’s abandonware

Releases · yui0/shashlik · GitHub 2017

This makes me thing there are also a couple of other android runtime but they are closed and tend to be late compared to AOSP.

A fallback option would be to run apps in the cloud and display locally on device but this would be privacy invasive, so to prevent this we could have an android vm that could run apps at the edge and display on any devices (including MCUs with display).

My 0.02 EUR

ReDroid* (Remote anDroid) is a GPU accelerated AIC (Android In Container) solution.